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Experience and Dedication

Injury and Disability Lawyer

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Margo Julius has dedicated her entire 30 years of private law practice in serving the most vulnerable people- the injured and disabled. Margo doesn’t represent insurance companies and never has. Whether you’ve been injured at work, or by someone else’s carelessness, or disabled by health conditions, Margo Julius can help.

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"Amazing Attorney Margo Julius is everything you want in an attorney staff are friendly and considerate highly recommended."

- Natalie Morgan

"Talking to Margo Julius was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is highly intelligent and very well regarded in her field. She helped me with my WC case and it changed my life. I will be forever grateful to her, Becky her administration assistant, and the firm. I highly recommend Margo to anyone."

Margo and her Team are the best!!! If you're looking for help with your work comp case give Margo Julius a call. She is a great person and great at what they do.

- Jay Allen
- M. H.

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Rapid City's first choice injured worker and personal injury lawyer.

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